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Rite Metals is a scrap metal recycling company based in South Africa whose main business involves the buying and selling of scrap metal. Rite Metals provides a link between the steel users and foundries / mills both local and international who create new products.

Steel suppliers include engineering firms, profile cutters, machine manufacturers and a vast array of other businesses within the manufacturing sector.

Rite Metals has in recent years expanded its recycling products to include paper and glass.

Rite Metals will always endeavour to be at the forefront of the scrap steel industry and will strive to maintain its excellent service levels. We aim to enhance the image of scrap metal dealers and to promote transparency in an industry that has been regarded as closed and unregulated for many years.
Scrap metal companies are by their very nature service orientated entities and we, at Rite Metals, constantly try to improve on our existing business processes as well as implement new ideas to ensure that our service is always of the highest quality.

The poor state of the enviroment, and the importance of recycling, has been highlighted over the past few years. This has increased the awareness of the general public and has stimulated the growth in the recycling industry. This shift in public sentiment can especially be seen in South Africa, which has for many years lagged behind the first world countries.

Today there are a vast number of materials which are being recylced globally, including metals, paper, plastic, glass and rubber. Metal is one of the oldest recylced products but it is only in recent years that the appreciation for the industry has grown as the public now understands the value that the industry adds. Metal recycling is a very cost efficient manner in producing new products as metals do not lose any of their inherent physical properties, and the process uses far less energy and creates far less emissions than producing the products from metal ore. In addition, metal corrosion can have a negative impact on soil and water conditions if left discarded and not recycled.




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