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Rite Metals was established as a scrap metal dealership in 1983. Founded as a one man scrap metal dealer, Rite Metals has grown to the business it is today.

Rite Metals has been involved in the scrap metal industry for 3 decades and has adapted and grown with the market as it has evolved over the years. The market we find ourselves in currently is extremely aggressive and competitive, compared to that of even 5 years ago.

While many other scrap metal dealers market themselves with the promise of better prices and service, Rite Metals can proudly say we have always given the most competitive rates as well as exceptional service to our clients. It shouldn't be surprising to learn that many of our clients have been utilising our services for over 10 years and some for more than 20 years.

Over the years Rite Metals has became known to its customers and suppliers, for not just its commitment and dedication to service but also for its integrity. Rite Metals has a strict policy of not buying any material from street vendors as the origin of the material cannot be verified.

With a new generation at the helm, fresh, dynamic energy has been injected into the company aiming to strategically increase Rite Metals' market share, entrenching it as a leader in the industry.

The Steel Cycle

Over the last few years, with the growing conciousness of the global community on enviromental issues, the role of scrap metal dealers has been highlighted for their key role in the the recycling process. We refer to this recycling process as the steel cycle.

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