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We at Rite Metals believe that our high level of service is the key to our longevity in the scrap metal industry.

We offer the following services to our clients: - Skip facilities
  - Site clearing
  - Weighbridge facilities

Skip facilities


A skip is also commonly known as a scrap bin in the scrap metal industry. The skip facilities that we offer are the lifeline of our business, with the greater the number of scrap bins in circulation, the more volume of scrap steel there is to process. Scrap bins are placed by request on the client's property where the scrap metal is stored / stockpiled. Once the scrap bins are full, the client will notify us to collect. The collection is booked onto our logistics roster to be collected and replaced with a fresh empty. This is usually an ongoing process. It is Rite Metals' policy that we must collect all full scrap bins within 24hrs of being notified to ensure our clients reliable and efficient service.  


Site clearing



On completion of a site inspection, Rite Metals will assign the right team required to clear the site. The team will include plant, equipment and personnel such as cutters, loaders or any other personnel needed to do the job. As the Rite Metals team will be working on client's premises, they will abide by the rules and regulation of the contract site. This ensures that Rite Metals and the client, at all times, maintain the highest safety levels. Depending on the timeframe and the clients needs, we will either pack the steel and transport it to our premises for further processing or we will process the steel onsite.



Weighbridge facility



Our weighbridge facilities are utilised not only for weighing the scrap material purchased from clients but are also made available to 3rd parties who do not have such facilities. Regular maintenance and calibration is performed by accredited suppliers to ensure the accuracy of our weights.

Once the scrap metal has been collected from the client, the steel is brought to our premises where it is weighed. We then begin our processing cycle.